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The islands


Porquerolles Island is 20 minutes by sea from the Tour Fondue – Presqu’ile de Giens (Giens penisula) and is the pearl of Hyères. Located on the same parallel as the Cap Corse, the Island is at the most southern tip of France. 7 km long and 2.5 km wide with the highest peak the semaphore at 142 m. The Island was influenced by different civilisations (Celt, Greek, Roman) and archaeological researches brought back to life several sites. There are also traces of military architecture e.g. the Fort Agathe built on the ruins of the former castle.

Today Porquerolles still has its agricultural vocation. In the centre 200 ha of vineyards produce wines of quality. The national Mediterranean botanical conservatory has an important variety of fruit trees. When you arrive the port is at the foot of the village and you can discover crafts, local restaurants around a square under huge trees. This small part of paradise, fringed by pine and eucalyptus trees, is also used by cyclists and hikers.

There are more than 54 km of tracks to the lighthouse, the Plaine Notre Dame or the Langoustier side of the Island. You can also enjoy the turquoise sea with white sandy beaches or abrupt cliffs further to the south.

Port-Cros island

Port Cros island is located east of Porquerolles and takes one hour from Port St Pierre, Hyères. It is 4 km long and 2.5 km wide and is not only the smallest of the islands but the most mountainous and wildest. The highest peak is 194 m .

In 1963 it became the first protected National land and maritime park in Europe – (600 m circumference). The regulations are very strict because the National Park preserves the ecosystem allowing tourists to enjoy it in the best conditions.

The cliffs offer little access to the sea and there are few beaches. There are 35 km of paths and botanical tracks to help you discover the countryside, forest and forts. No cars are allowed on the Island. Scuba-diving and anchoring are prohibited preserving the underwater wildlife and flora.

There is an underwater trail you can follow on the Palud beach at the north and the island is visited by divers from all around the world. You can find information as soon as you arrive at the port at the Maison du Parc National as well as enjoy restaurants along the small port.


The Levant is located east of the other Islands and measures 8 km long by 1 km wide and the highest point is 140 m. It takes 1:30 hr to get there from the Port of Hyères and it is separated from Port Cros by a 800 m pass called “Pass des Grottes”.

It is covered by luxurious vegetation and some of southern Europe’s most beautiful arbousiers (strawberry trees). You can take a walk or follow the special sport trail or the nature trail.

The waters are crystal clear and the underwater fauna and flora are exceptional. A large part of the island is inaccessible to the public because it is a military zone.

Only the west coast is accessible by boat from l’Ayguade port. Nudism is compulsory on the Grottes beach, coastlines and the village is in the centre of the Internationally known as Héliopolis nudism domain.